What you receive with our Fully Managed Service

Initial Setup

When you place a dedicated server order with us, your server will come completely configured and ready to go. All software we provide will be completely configured, fully functional and integrated with the Helm control panel. Additionally, all servers under go a rigerous security hardening procedure, and come with a library of customized scripts that we use to automate tedious tasks, such as log file rotation.

Proactive Monitoring
We monitor all externally accessible services running on your server at 60 second intervals. If our monitoring system detects and problems with your server or a particular service, our dedicated team of server administrators is immediately notified of the issue, and they start working to resolve the issue. You can rest easy knowing that we're monitoring your server and resolving any issues in a proactive manner.

Automated Backup
Data files on your fully managed dedicated server are backed up on a daily basis to our network backup server. We also maintain a seperate backup server for mySQL and MS SQL database backups. We complete all file restoration requests for free.

Ongoing Upgrades
We install security and non-security related upgrades for all of the software that's included on your server. You can count on us to install critical security related hotfixes within hours of their release. Non-critical security issues and non-security related upgrades are rolled out on a monthly basis.

24x7 Support
Our helpdesk is staffed 24x7 for servicing all of your technical issues. Additionally, we provide our clients with severals ways to reach company owners 24x7 in order to ensure that your urgent, business critical issues are resolved completely to your satisfaction.

Expert Advice
Our technicians are available to provide you with expert advice regarding any and all server related issues or questions you have. We can provide you with recommendations regarding upgrades, performance improvements, third party software, etc.

Hardware Replacement
Should your server ever experience any hardware issues, we will repair or replace your server so that it is restored to working order as quickly as possible. We maintain an ample inventory of spare parts and servers to deal with any hardware issues that arise.

We also perform the following fee based services for our clients:

Software Installs
We typically install most software packages for our clients at no charge. However, we do reserve the right to charge a reasonable one-time fee for the installation of any custom software packages you require.

Server Migrations
We are extremely experienced in performing all varieties of server migrations. Any properly executed server migration requires extensive planning, hours of hard diligent work by expert server administrators, and post migration support. All in all, a successful migration is a very time consuming project. Our migration services start at $300. If you are interested in having us migrate a server for you, please contact our sales team for a customized quotation.